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King of the kids Developing youth next for Coveny (Leader Newspaper – News Ltd)

23 November 2010

Soccer | Daniel Phan

FORMER South Melbourne coach Vaughan Coveny is being touted for a talented player development role with Football Federation Victoria.

With over a decade of professional soccer under his belt, a career in the sport’s youth development arm could be the next port of call for the Kiwi.

Through coaching under-14 kids at the AS Roma academy in Brunswick, Coveny, who lives in East Keilor, has realised his passion for working with youth.

“I’m really enjoying it so far,” he said. “These kids are just so coachable, and there’s a lot of respect (from them).”

Coveny, who will meet with FFV technical director Sean Douglas next month to discuss the possibility of acquiring a hands-on role with the Talented Player Department, is keen to aid develop the next generation of players.

“I’ve been fairly successful and know what it takes to make it at the top level in Australia,” he said. “I’d love to pull on all that experience and fill these kids with information.

“They are usually hand-picked and are in that mould already so it would be a really exciting opportunity.”

Douglas, who played with Coveny in the New Zealand national team, said successful candidates would head player-focused programs, which encourage playing soccer “the right way”.

“We are looking to send out the right philosophies to these kids,” Douglas said.

“We also must redefine winning and encourage mistakes from the kids. It’s like maths you don’t become the best by not making any mistakes. Mistakes have to be made for young players to learn, and Vaughan certainly has the experience, having played at international level, in the A-League and possessing coaching knowledge for a role with us.”

Coveny was stood down as South Melbourne coach after failing to steer the former Victorian Premier League champions into the 2010 finals series, despite a points deduction by Football Federation Victoria being largely to blame for the side’s shortcoming.

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