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Villarreal’s Robert Pires Unimpressed With Former Team-mate Thierry Henry’s Intervention (Goal.com)


Frenchman struggling to accept les Bleus’ fortuitous victory

Nov 20, 2009 2:59:00 AM

Villarreal winger Robert Pires has warned former Arsenal team-mate Thierry Henry that his unsporting antics against the Republic of Ireland will ensure that his name remains synonymous with unfair play for a considerable period of time.

Despite claiming his former Gunners colleague is not a inherent cheater, the Frenchman admits he is finding it tough to digest his nation’s recent victory.

“There is no taking back the bad thing he’s done. Thierry isn’t a cheat but I cannot bring myself to celebrate the fact that we are in the World Cup because of how we got there,” Pires said, as quoted by The Sun.

“How can you be pleased with qualifying like this,” he exclaimed.

The Villarreal midfielder believes the latest incident has left his old pal’s reputation tarnished, which he will find it hard to shake-off.

“They are saying that Titi needn’t bother going back to Ireland or England and whether the Irish ever accept his apologies I’m not sure,” he said.

“But I do believe that this thing he did will follow him for ever, wherever he goes.”

Daniel Phan, Goal.com


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